1. Videos all along 

Video may not be a hot trend but it will continue to grow its popularity as one of the most important marketing stunts. All the eye-catching and thumb-stopping visuals along with ideas and themes will be a significantly gaining social media audience by increasing the conversation rate of the product or the service. In addition to regular videos and live videos, short animated gifs and video stories on different platforms are expected to become even more popular and pervasive in 2020. The authentic and transient nature of live videos seems to make them more tangible, relatable and meaningful to social media users. This means that brands can connect on a deeper level to their customers using live videos and make the online business platforms more interactive. Don’t forget YouTube! People search for reviews in youtube for almost everything so get ready to take your brand to another level through your YouTube channels. 

2. Heavy personalisation

Social media is a huge repository of information that is being uploaded by people like you and me every single day. As a result, it has become incredibly easy to gain insights into the personal lives of people sitting behind the screen and tailor social media content based on their preferences. Admittedly, this widely available data is a source of major concern when it comes to privacy and data security but there is no doubt that brands can leverage their business by using this information to specifically target social media users who are more likely to be their potential consumers. Improvising on creating more personal content can help you stay on the peak of the game. Your marketing and graphic design team can use the analytics data to come up with more creative contents according to the preference of the audiences. This is going to uplift your team’s creativity level and open them to more brainstorming works! 

3. Artificial Intelligence in customer service

Artificial intelligence has taken over most customer service roles in the online sphere.  According to Huffington Post, 60% of the millennial population already uses chatbots and 71% have implied that they would like to try using one. With staggering numbers using these customer service chatbots, AI has started to take over the social media platforms for digital marketing with its wonders like improved personalisation, tailored recommendation, pricing fluctuation according to the product’s popularity and demand, search engine and ad optimization. All these applications of artificial intelligence are bringing the consumers more creatively crafted personalised experience than ever before!

4. Storyfication

Stories on instagram, facebook and snapchat have always been the real buzz from the very beginning. With their appealing visuals and creative features like polls, filters, tags, location, gifs and lots more, they have earned more popularity than regular contents. They give a more personal insight into the life of the person/brand posting it and hence make the viewer feel like a close family member. What makes stories exclusive and demanding of the users’ attention is the fact that they are mostly short-lived and will disappear, never to be found again, if not viewed instantly. The brands better have solid contents like daily images, short videos, reviews on their stories that won’t let their audience get enough of them and always keep them hooked! 

5. User-generated content (UGC)

UGC is content created by fans of the business who have no monetary relationship but indirectly promote the business and its products in the form of photos, videos, reviews or even memes. This is an extremely smart way of getting the customers involved with the business strategy, which helps businesses understand exactly what the customers want and hence leads to a better, overall customer experience. Businesses operating in 2020 need to find subtle ways to influence its customers and get them to be ambassadors of their brands. Brands can run contests, challenges,  encourage their audience to increase tags and come with more interactive sessions through the comments. Always remember that customer contents and reviews are more reliable, influential and compelling than the brand creates itself! This not only is an effective means of advertising but also establishes trust and goodwill among potential consumers of the brand.

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